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Glory Green tea Shampoo 500ml
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Nature Herbs Glory Green Tea Shampoo is the special herbal shampoo that gives feeling of naturally shiny hair, natural conditioner , nourishment to each strand of hair to make it healthy and silky soft. It nourishes the hair roots and helps to prevent damaged hair. It is also useful for preventing from dandruff. Reports about use of Green Tea Shampoo: 
In recent years, the reports have been made that green tea shampoo can help prevent hair thinning and hair loss. It is also said to help cleanse the scalp of any impurities. If you are interested in learning how this may be possible, read further, and see (if this type of health aid will work for you).
This type of hair cleansing product is often mixed with a variety of moisturizing elements in order to help to promote healthier scalp as well. This usually helps to prevent hair from drying out and breaking also. It can also stop split ends from forming.
Whether this claim is true or not, may require more research. However, at least one source gives users of green tea shampoo instructions on how to maximize the benefits of this particular hair health product.
People who use this particular hair products are advised to first saturate their hair with water. Then apply the shampoo. Afterwards, this shampoo should be massaged into the scalp for about 15 seconds. Then, it should set in the hair for about 30 seconds before the user washes it out.
The working agent within green tea that is said to have been powerful against hair loss and thinning is the catechins found within it. These particular agents are said to help stop production of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase.
Some claims extend as far as suggesting that this particular treatment can even help prevent baldness.

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